New 1:72 Products Coming from Obscureco

(ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA, May 10, 2008) - Obscureco Aircraft is issuing forth a batch of five 1:72 products between now and June, including parts for such popular subjects as the P-51D Mustang, the P-38 Lightning and the P-47D Thunderbolt.

“These parts will help you make your model mode distinct, more detailed and more unique,” said Creative Director Chris Bucholtz. “They are the result of the work of several 1:72 specialists to produce things they themselves would use, so you can be sure the quality will be very high.”

The products are:

  • A new wing for the Tamiya P-51D with dropped flaps
  • A filleted tail for the Tamiya P-47D to make the P-47D-28 version
  • A set of drop tanks for the Academy P-38 Lightning
  • A set of drop tanks for and 1:72 Me 262
  • A cowling to build the early P-47D-5 through -10

The masters were done by Chris Bucholtz (P-51D wing, along with the late Al Supercyznski, and P-47D-28 tail), Mike Laxton (P-38 tanks) and Roy Sutherland (P-47D-5/10 cowling and Me 262 tanks).

More 1:72 subjects are on their way, said Bucholtz, including new noses to do F-5 Lightning reconnaissance aircraft and a detail set for the A-3 Skywarrior. No timeframe was given, but most projects of this type culminate around the time of the IPMS/USA Nationals

“We think this scale will see a resurgence,” said Bucholtz, “especially as people see the newer 1:72 kits and seek ways to make them unique from the other models they may see on a display table somewhere. It is high time for 1:72 modelers to be relieved from the jack-booted thuggery of 1:48 builders and reassert their place of honor in the pantheon of plastic modeling. Of course we sell 1:48 stuff too… So the term ‘thuggery’ was a bit if an exaggeration… And they don’t really wear jackboots…. Although I’m sure they’d look great in them…Heh heh… excuse me for a moment.”

When he returned, Bucholtz commended the patternmakers for a job well done. “We have the best there are, and Roy’s contribution backs that up,” he said. “He’s one of the acknowledged masters of the craft. With 1:72 work coming from Roy, Mike, Norm Filer and myself, we have a stable of extremely talented modelers working in 1:72. It was also nice to finish of Al Supercynzski’s work and turn it into a way of remembering him.”

The products will be available via Obscureco’s website ( and at selected mail order and hobby shop outlets.

Contact information:
Chris Bucholtz
Creative Director

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