Obscureco Employs Futuristic Internet Technology With New 'Webpage'

(ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA, July 14, 2006) Taking a bold leap into the new future age of tomorrow, Obscureco Aircraft has launched its new Web Site, Creative Director Chris Bucholtz said today at a grand-opening gala event attended by a host of well-wishers, including several neighbors and his two cats.

"I can proudly say that, without question, the Obscureco web site is the best site in this small sub-segment of the larger scale modeling industry," said Bucholtz. "From our formative days in an Almaden Valley farm house, long have we dreamed of being able to present our products and information through an electronic medium that would enable computer-encoded data to be beamed directly to our customers. Today, through the miracle of the Internet, we have that ability, and it has been enhanced by space-age design technology based on the psychological/informational analyses of Mr. John Heck, who has cleverly dubbed himself a 'webmaster,' to convey information quickly and accurately, stimulating the part of the brain that leads to the purchase of resin detail parts."

The new site, which replaces Obscureco's original site, is the result of several years of work by Obscureco's entire upper management team. It provides a look at the history of this storied company, images and descriptions of products, news and information. "If there's one place the discriminating modeler should stop first on his search for cutting-edge products, it's www.obscureco.com," said Bucholtz, quickly adding, "not actual Cutting Edge products-those are by some other yahoos. I mean products that employ cutting edge technology, which we believe is far better than Cutting Edge's technology. Hey, wait. Where are you going? Come back."

Contact information:
Chris Bucholtz
Creative Director

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